About Us

Moi-Dom.TV – a new generation of internet television!


You have found yourself in a foreign country, surrounded by strangers ?

You would like to hear your native language, find out the latest news or watch a beloved movie from your youth ?

Sit in front of the TV with Moi-Dom.TV – and feel like you are back in your childhood home.

Your job and domestic chores exhausting you ?

You would like to take your mind off the daily grind, relax after the workday, and cheer yourself up ?

  • Immerse yourself in an interesting, exciting world where you will forget all your troubles.

Your kids don’t give you a minute’s peace ?

You have promised them a trip to the zoo or the movies but the weather is a total disappointment ?

  • Turn on one of the children’s channels from Moi-Dom.tv, and entice your children with documentary shows or cartoons.

You sense a discord in your family, and your feelings for each other seem to have cooled off ?

You would like the two of you to spend some time alone and inject some romance and passion in your relationship ?

  • Cuddle up on the sofa and pick a romantic movie from the large video library or switch to an “adult” channel – kick back and enjoy yourselves.
  • Moi-Dom.TV – your home television anywhere in the world.

This unique offer is for those people who want to watch domestic and foreign broadcasts of interesting, exciting, and educational shows. Moi-Dom.TV operates 24/7, providing access to information needed by the whole family anywhere in the world.

Television has gotten firmly ensconced in our lives and become an integral part of home comfort. Progress does not stay still, however…

  • having 20 channels is not enough anymore,
  • trying to fit your life around a show’s broadcast time is inconvenient,
  • you would like a greater choice of broadcasts and interactivity.

Internet television solves all these tasks!

Moi-Dom.TV broadcasting company began operating in the U.S. internet television field in 2011 and later won over the residents of Israel as well.

Only Moi-Dom.TV lets you switch the broadcast language from Russian to English and back while watching a show!

We offer:

  • over 200 differently-themed channels for children and adults;
  • a video library with 5,000+ movies ranging from oldies to contemporary;
  • ability to switch the broadcast language from Russian to English;
  • connection to 3 TV sets at the same time;
  • watching shows on any modern mobile device;
  • storing missed shows in an archive;
  • 24/7 tech support.

The capabilities of Moi-Dom.TV are endless. We know how to attract customers by providing them with high quality service and round-the-clock support. Moi-Dom.TV online television offers you:

  • Multiroom – watching shows on 3 sets at the same time.
  • Ad services – grow your business with us.
  • Bring a friend – you both get a bonus and a discount.
  • Parent controls – password-protected “adult” channels
  • Multilanguage – switch from Russian to English while watching a show
  • Pause broadcast – watch the show at your convenience.
  • Video library – a collection of favorite movies for children and adults.
  • Radio – music makes life more fun.
  • ECO mode – increases the device’s performance capacity in idle mode by lowering the signal strength.
  • Archive – recordings are stored for 10 days.

No matter what you choose, news or a cartoon, a sports competition or a talk show, Moi-Dom.tv guarantees you consistently high broadcast quality and enjoyable viewing.

With Moi-Dom.TV, your daily life will become more comfortable and convenient.

With Moi-Dom.TV, your home will always be cozy, happy, and well informed!